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James Ryckman



A Bit About Me

A seasoned Administration and IT Support Technician with a wealth of experience spanning various critical domains. My professional journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in every role I've undertaken.

Technical Proficiency and Leadership Skills:

With a solid foundation in IT support, system administration, and data analytics, I have honed my technical skills to a high degree of proficiency. Over the years, I've had the privilege of developing exceptional leadership abilities and an innate knack for identifying and resolving potential issues. My passion for meticulous organization and strategic planning has enabled me to optimize limited resources and time to consistently achieve outstanding results. My proactive approach to risk management ensures the seamless operation of systems and processes under my purview.

Financial Sector Expertise:

My professional journey has led me to gain invaluable experience in the global financial sector, particularly in research related to financial systems. I possess a deep understanding of critical aspects such as ISO20022, Basel III, and the LIBOR to SOFR Transition. Additionally, I stay at the forefront of emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Digital assets, ensuring that I am well-informed about the latest industry trends and advancements.

Diverse Career Path:

Throughout my career, I have held diverse positions that have allowed me to demonstrate my expertise and skills. As a Senior Information Security Engineer at Wells Fargo, I specialized in optimizing network security and effectively managing firewall hardware. I proficiently utilized tools like Cisco Security Manager (CSM), Checkpoint Provider1, and Panorama to maintain robust network management and security.

During my tenure at ITC Concepts as a Senior Consultant and Clinical Applications Coordinator, I immersed myself in the realm of medical coding and supported billing systems. My hands-on experience with MetaVance (MTV) empowered me to provide comprehensive training on new equipment and software updates to healthcare professionals, ensuring their effective utilization of these systems. I also took pride in developing educational courses and content pertaining to Computerized Patient Record System applications.

One of the standout chapters in my career was my role as a Clinical Applications Coordinator at the Department of Veterans Affairs. In this pivotal position, I served as a Nuance Dragon Hospital Administrator and a CPRS & Vista Superuser. I played an instrumental role in project development and implementation, customizing software to meet specific needs and delivering training to individuals for seamless system operation. My collaboration with service lines involved a meticulous analysis of information flow processes to uphold data validity and security. I was entrusted with responsibilities like developing reminder dialogs, clinical reminders, consults, IFC, and clinical orders.

Educational Background:

My commitment to excellence extends to my educational pursuits. I hold a Master of Science in Health Sciences with a specialization in Medical Informatics, a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences focusing on Health Care Management, and an Associate of Applied Science in Applied Technology.

Health Care Management Non-Commissioned Officer Roles: (US ARMY Ret.)

In addition to my IT and administration expertise, I have a distinguished background as a Health Care Management Non-Commissioned Officer. I had the privilege of managing the logistics, coordination, and execution of Combat Support Hospitals at Fort Hood, Middle East, Yuma Proving Grounds, and Fort Campbell. In these high-stakes roles, our mission was to be unwaveringly ready 24/7 to provide care and evacuation in civilian or military mass casualty incidents, regardless of their location worldwide.

In this capacity, I was responsible for overseeing health care protection and evacuation in mass casualty scenarios, as well as in clinical settings, ensuring seamless care from the point of injury or illness through the entire continuum of health care. Leading a dedicated team of medics, I took charge of their management, health, welfare, morale, and accountability.

My role extended to deployments, where I determined suitable vehicle types and closely supervised equipment loading and storage in strict accordance with Federal Code 49 CFR. I played a pivotal role in crafting policies and procedures, rooted in exhaustive research of government and organizational regulations. By establishing a standardized template, I fostered an environment where new personnel could seamlessly step in and execute their duties effectively.

Safety and compliance were paramount in my responsibilities. I meticulously coordinated and prepared environmental and safety procedures while conducting staff training to ensure adherence to Federal, State, and local regulations.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to impart medical courses to both medical and non-medical personnel, with a focus on enhancing survivability in mass casualty and combat environments. I took immense pride in maintaining a 100% passing rate for medics recertifying for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Additionally, I diligently tracked and reported immunization standings for 740 deployed and non-deployed troops, prioritizing their health and well-being.

In summation, my journey as a Health Care Management Non-Commissioned Officer reflects my unwavering commitment to leadership excellence. I meticulously managed the logistics of Combat Support Hospitals, ensuring the highest standards of care and safety. My expertise encompassed equipment oversight, policy development, compliance, and staff training, all contributing to the well-being and readiness of personnel in challenging environments.

Driven by an unwavering passion for excellence and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, I am well-prepared to embrace new challenges and contribute significantly to the success of any organization I collaborate with.

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